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If you enjoy playing online co-op games and aim to maximize your enjoyment, you’ve come to the perfect destination! We eliminate the tedious grind and assist you in progressing through remote collaborative play. For years, Itemnow has been a service-oriented platform enabling you to “buy more time.” Embracing the notion that “You can always make more money, but time is the sole resource you can never reclaim.


Want to take advantage of one of our many services? Use one of the payment methods and you will receive site points known as NowPoints, which represent units of time. Using these points on any co-op assistance services on our site will then save you tons of time! Depending on the promotions we’re running at any given time, you may receive free NowPoints after service completion as a bonus! Which means time saved grinding the monsters on your own!


Using your NowPoints for one of the many services is a smart choice, since it saves you time from grinding! Depending on the service, we will dispatch a professional player who has gone through our rigorously onboarded process, specialized for your needs, to engage in remote collaborative play. They are available 24/7 to help you advance and save your valuable time!

Services will be completed directly by our powerful and private Player-2-Player network (P2P) which helps us expand our reach and enables us to offer a super wide selection by sourcing from our network. You will always be in direct contact with us either through Live Chat or Email support. Apply to join the p2p network and earn NowPoints in exchange for your time provided. That makes Itemnow the most powerful service site out there!

NowPoints are immediately applied to the user’s account upon the completion of a transaction. Payments via eCheck or Bank Transfer must clear before NowPoints are credited. Upon service completion, your NowPoints are then transferred to the player who performed such service.

Apply to join our Private P2P Player Network so you can help other players and earn NowPoints to spend on any services our P2P network offers! Please provide a detailed history about your background and experience with various co-op games, and we will assist you with the onboarding process.


Our network of Gamers will join your D2R or D4 co-op game and have your back, so you don’t have to worry about getting attacked by monsters on your way to complete the quest! All loots that drop from monsters and bosses that we killed in the game are fully yours, so if you’re lucky you will end up with some helpful loots for your favorite build!


Our Network of Pro Players will host fully optimized runs, invite you and “pull” your character through them, so you can gain more XP while we do the heavy lifting. Once you reach your target level your Char will meet the level requirements to use the D2R loots you always wanted to have.


Are you having issue with specific boss? Is your character too weak? Using this Service, our professional players with overpowered character can help you breeze through any boss in the virtual environment. There will be no more restarts or walking back to the dungeons for you!


Looking for a specific gear? Don’t want to spend hours playing till you find it? Pay for other Player’s expertise and time for them to remote play collaboratively and help you find them! You keep everything during the game sessions. Apply to Join our Private P2P Player Network so you can help other players too.